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Things to consider before engraving your loved ones headstone

It seems that we always find the right words to say in our heads that express how we truly feel about someone, but when it comes time to put them down on paper, the sentiment isn’t translated correctly. It’s a big reason to exercise caution when deciding what to inscribe on your loved one’s gravestone, memorial bench plaque, or mausoleum. While basic information such as their name and year of life are typically included, family members have the option to include personal stories or memories that give greater context about their life. Here are some things to consider before engraving your loved one’s gravestone or another memorial piece.


Typically, epitaphs are designed by family members or friends that were especially close to the deceased. They will craft a well-thought piece of writing that describes their achievements, their impact on the world, and the qualities of their personality. Epitaphs are supposed to strengthen the connection that the deceased has with the living by helping carry on their message and their core values.

Picking the Right Things to Say

In most cases, epitaphs are to be kept short due to the limited space on the gravestone or memorial bench, etc. Therefore, you’ll need to plan it out. Consider phrases or ‘one-liners’ that they said as a life motto or to make people laugh. Another thing you can do is pick one of their favourite quotes from their favourite books, television shows or movies.

Examples for Loved Ones

Losing a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or best friend can be particularly difficult as you may feel you’ve lost the other part of you. Here are some phrases or short expressions you could re-work to convey your emotions for your deceased loved one:

  • You’ll always be my person
  • Forever in Love
  • Our Love Story Will Never End
  • Life is not eternal, but our love is

For Your Mother

The bond between mother and child is quite special – she carried you so you could live your life however you wish. She means a lot to you, so pick a phrase that conveys that

  • You’ll carry me forever
  • Forever my home
  • My Mom, My Best Friend
  • I love you, Mom
  • A mother’s love is unlike any other

For Your Father

Memorial inscriptions for fathers tend to be a bit shorter than epitaphs for mothers; however, they may be more humourous and contain more references to their favourite sports teams.

  • Go for the green, Dad
  • My lifelong protector
  • Your love will guide me
  • Walk beside me, Dad
  • Father means forever

It can be tough to choose the exact phrasing, which is why it’s important to consult other friends and family for an honest perspective. For more information, contact Europa Memorials today.

Family Owned and Operated for 25 Years

Family Owned and Operated for 25 Years

Our owners, Marc and Melanie, have worked in the funeral industry in various capacities for the past 25 years. In addition to running Europa Memorial, Marc also serves as the director of cemeteries for the Eparchy of Edmonton, while Melanie is an associate professor of music at The King’s University.


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