Headstone On-Site Lettering (Engraving)

Headstone On-Site Lettering (Engraving)

Europa Memorial can provide expert Headstone on-site lettering at cemeteries across the Edmonton area. Our third generation, European-trained engraver has been perfecting his craft for more than three decades, and can match any existing font currently engraved on an existing headstone. With the most competitive pricing and unparalleled craftsmanship, Europa Memorial can be counted on to deliver an exquisite engraving for your loved one's memorial.


At Europa Memorial we're proud to offer our customers on-site lettering at cemeteries across the Edmonton area. This allows our clients to avoid having to remove an existing headstone from its secure location in order to have it updated with the name and dates of the recently deceased. Not only is removing a headstone to have it engraved off-site costly, it raises the risk of the memorial being damaged either through transportation, removal, or reinstallation. With Europa Memorial, you remove all those worries with our on-site lettering service. 

We only do on-site lettering

All our engraving is executed on-site. Even during the winter months. While this may make things more challenging for our expert engraver, on-site lettering is the proper — and safe — way to engrave a new headstone or update an existing one. By exclusively providing on-site lettering, Europa Memorial is able to guarantee that an existing stone will remain secure, and that the engraving process is as efficient as possible. 

We can match any font or style, guaranteed

At Europa Memorial we're very fortunate to have one of the best engravers in the industry working exclusively for us. Our third generation, European-trained engraver brings a tireless work ethic to every on-site lettering job he undertakes, and can match any existing font or style to ensure the end result is seamless and congruent. By entrusting Europa Memorial to update the engraving on your existing headstone, you're guaranteeing the memorial will look the best it possibly can.  

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We can engrave your existing headstone before a funeral ceremony

If you would like to have an existing headstone engraved before the funeral ceremony for the recently deceased, Europa Memorial is able to do so. Our expert engraver will travel to the cemetery where the funeral is taking place and update the existing headstone with the name and date, so your ceremony can have a finished memorial for those in attendance. So long as we have at least a few days notice before the funeral ceremony, we can ensure this happens by working closely with you to finalize the details. 

Our price is tough to beat

The cost for our on-site lettering is extremely competitive, especially when you consider the level of craftsmanship our engraver is able to provide. We've been in the memorial making industry for a while now, and have yet to come across a competitor who offers the level of service we provide for a lower price. Europa Memorial is a business that's been built on a foundation of empathy and compassion, and our pricing perfectly reflects that. 

On-site lettering removes the risk of damaging an existing headstone

While it's certainly a more laborious task, on-site lettering completely removes the risk of damaging an existing headstone either through removal, transportation, or reinstallation. An existing headstone is subjected to harsh weather conditions, making it more susceptible to damage during any of the three aforementioned tasks. By only performing on-site lettering, Europa Memorial can ensure that the structural integrity of your existing memorial stays intact for generations to come. 

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Let's make something memorable together

Should you have any questions about our on-site lettering, or would like to discuss how we can help you make a fitting tribute for your loved one, please call us at (780) 667-6208 or fill out the form below. 

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